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Bamboo Foldable Cha Dao Set


Foldable Tea Set specially made for easy storage and transportation

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Product Description

“Cha Dao” (the Way of Tea) is a set of specially designed tools used for tea making using traditional Chinese Gong Fu tea brewing method. This is remarkable and elegant portative “cha dao” set designed for easy storage and transportation.

Items included in Cha Dao set are:

  • Tea Shuffle (Tea Scoop) – shuffles tea leaves
  • Tea Spatula – removes used tea leaves from the teapot
  • Tea Needle – cleans the spout preventing its blockade
  • Tea Tongs – helps to hold hot teacups avoiding burning fingers
  • Foldable Base – place for storing all tools mentioned above

Additional Information




5 pcs.: Tea Shuffle – length 200 mm; Tea Spatula – length 175 mm; Tea Needle – length 170 mm; Tea Tongs – length 180 mm; Foldable Base – length 220x60x110 mm


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