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Ice-Crackle Ceramic Teacup


Fascinating ceramic teacup with original design solution looks like it was made from a crackled ice

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Fascinating ceramic teacup looks like it was made from a crackled ice. Original design solution lets enjoy not only the flavor of tea but also colorful playing of tea infusion shades on the background of icy structure of this ceramic teacup.

About Ceramic – Additional Information:

Ceramic is probably one of the most ancient human inventories. Chinese ceramic ware is an art form that has been developing since the Neolithic Age (more than 8,000 years ago). The classic properties of ceramics include:

  • durability
  • strength
  • brittleness
  • high thermal resistance
  • an ability to withstand the damaging effects of different chemicals

Ceramic teacups are “flavor neutral” and do not change the taste of tea because their solid surfaces neither absorb any tea oils nor give them back into infusion. They are easy to clean after each use.

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