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Snail Jasmine Organic Green Tea


Handmade in the form of snail which turn into needle being brewed, has soft and lasting jasmine flavor.


This kind of green tea grows on highland plantations at altitude 1,300 meters. It is called Needle Snail Jasmine because needle shape green tea leaves are using for its production. Each Needle Snail is shaped manually using just the bud. Final product is curled like
snails but being brewed returns needle form back. The tea leaves absorbs jasmine fragrance seven times to make it strong and stable. Jasmine flowers are picked, stored and used when the petals just have
opened. Then tea buds and flowers are mixed and green tea starts to take up moisture and scent from the flowers getting it typical flavor and smell of Jasmine.
Jasmine tea is a very popular among those who are just beginning to appreciate fine tea. Needle Snail Jasmine is a premium tea, captivating both in form and taste. When the pellets get into hot water, they start to unfurl turning into whole tea leaves.
Being one of our best sellers, this tea definitely calm both mind and body while soft fragrance of jasmine fills the air. It has special fresh prolonged jasmine aroma and delicious mellow taste.

Brewing Guide:

Use 1 teaspoon for every 6-8 oz. of water. Heat fresh, filtered or bottled water until slow steam rises or small bubbles appear (165-175°F). Infuse for approx. 2 minutes. Can be infused up to 3 times.