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TP-757 Kamjove Tea Pot & Mug


No leaking water-stop valve provides safe and comfortable using of it in any conditions

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Innovative patented no leaking water-stop valve!

How to use this pot:

  • Put some tealeaves into the inner pot of the mug
  • Add boiling water into the inner pot
  • Water-stop valve makes inner pot completely leakproof
  • Leave the pot and wait for a few minutes
  • Press the button on the cover and let tea be filtered and flow out into the outer mug
  • Separate leaves and liquor to avoid over-steeping
  • Remove the inner pot
  • Use the outer pot as serving cup


  • the infuser (inner pot where you make the tea) holds 200 ml (6.76 fl oz) of water, 700ml capacity of outer pot


  • Easy to use, quick brewing, control strength and avoid bitterness
  • All-in-one set, could be used to brew, filter and drink tea
  • No need to use another cup for personal use
  • Preserving the original flavor of tea and could be used for tea tasting
  • Tea leaves could be steeped more times than using other pots
  • This multi-purpose mug allows to brew flower tea, green tea, pu-erh tea, coffee or tea bags

Enjoy brewing and drinking your favorite tea anywhere!

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