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Premium Spring Snail Green Tea – Bi Luo Chun


Unique, superior aromatic light green tea of spiral shape, produced from only one leaf and the bud.


During many centuries this very famous aromatic light green tea was known by the name “Xia Sha Ren Xiang”, what means “Astounding Fragrance”. Peach, apricot and plum trees are planted near the area where tea trees grow. When these fruit trees bloom, the tender spouts and buds of tea absorb the aroma and passed it to those who drink their infusion.
Green Snail Spring Tea is known all over the world, because this is one of China’s famous and rare teas. The time to pick tea leaves is during the QingMing festival, when the buds are jade-green color tinged with white.
Bi Luo Chun is picked during early spring until April when the spring rains begin. Only one leaf and the bud are plucked. All the process from harvesting to rolling and drying is done completely manually and by high-skilled workers. In past Bi Luo Chun was selected as the offering of local government to the emperor in Qing Dynasty.
The leaf of Pi Lo Chun is tiny and looks like a spiral; infusion is clear and golden and exclusively gourmet. In the teapot fluffy tea leaves unfold to make a delicate and aromatic liquor of light golden color. Its taste opens with a fresh, crisp acerbity and develops into pleasant sweetness with long lasting, ripe, slightly buttery aftertaste. This is truly unique, superior tea with many features in it to discover and enjoy.


It’s recommended tu use covered steeping cup or teapot. Preheat the cup with hot water and fill with 1-2 teaspoons of leaf. Add relatively cool water, 131-149F, to cover leaves and infuse 2-3 minutes. To serve, pour into a jug or directly into warmed cups and enjoy. Bi Luo Chun may be re-infused several times by gradually increasing steeping time and water temperature. 100% authentic.

Note: Any Bi Luo Chun that is not made in Dong Shan, Suzhou City is considered a fraud.