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Keemun Black Tea – Qi Men Hong Cha


Mellow tea with reddish brown liquor tasted strong and brisk with strong aroma of fruit and rose.


Keemun Black Tea (Qi Men Hong Cha on Chinese) – is the most famous of China’s black teas since 1875. It is produced in Keemun county, province of Anhui. Keemun is located on the elevation of about 400 meters with climate close to subtropical. Such a natural environment with moderate climate, plentiful rainfall and misty forests on peaks where tea growing plantations are located, has been the key feature that gives the superior quality of Keemun Black Tea.
It is a mellow tea that can be used alone as well as combined with sugar and/or milk. Because of its “wine-like” quality, lemon is not a good choice because the combined tastes are too tart. The appearance of Keemun Black Tea is delicate and elegant. The reddish brown tea liquor is tasted strong and brisk. Long-lasting strong aroma similar both aroma of fruit and rose is the distinctive flavor for Keemun Black
Tea and named “Keemun Flavor”.