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Golden Snail Black Tea


High quality handmade black tea with full-bodied flavor and light sweet undertones.


Selected handmade black tea Golden Snail is known by its rich flavor with slightly sweet notes. It’s produced in Chinese province of Yunnan which considered to be the home of the first tea plantations in the world. The tea plants there are grown at a very high elevations ranging from 4500 to 6000 feet above sea level.
Combination of high altitude with warm and humid surrounding creates natural greenhouse where Yunnan tea plants flourish in. Being brewed the quality black tea makes a liquor of reddish brown color. The aroma is strong sugary and floral with a slight roasted undertone. The taste is smooth and sweet with clean and refreshing aftertaste. It energizes the body and mind more harmoniously than even the best of coffees.
Black tea’s caffeine content is approximately 3%, which is the highest of all the other kinds of tea, but still lower than coffee. Golden Snail is the perfect tea for food, well matching with a wide variety of dishes. It is also an excellent tea for a relaxing afternoon tea time.

How to prepare:

The water used to steep this tea should be at boiling point, 212F (100C). Use about 2 teaspoons (3g) of tea leaves for about every 5oz (150 ml) of water. Recommended steeping time is about 3-5 minutes. It can vary a bit more or less time depending on the desired concentration.