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Black Dragon Large Leaf Oolong Tea


Rare oolong tea combining characteristics of both oolong and black teas with delicious aroma.


Black Dragon Large Leaf Oolong Tea is a very rare oolong tea from the south of Fujian province, China. Although Black Dragon is called as oolong, it is actually a transition between oolong and black tea, combining features of both.
Noticeably large, thick leaves are the specialty of this oolong variety. It has dark hard leaves, carefully processed into flat, curly stripes. They are dark brown color with deep red line at the edge.
Black dragon oolong delights by its warm roasted aroma and noticeable sweet taste developing. The traditional medium roast of this tea creates a strong full-bodied flavor with chocolate notes. The
prolonged aftertaste leaves a slightly sweet taste and cassia aroma. The flavors range from light floral scents to refreshingly sweet and sour notes, what is typical for fine black teas. The taste becomes even better the more infusions made.

Brewing Guide:

In general, it’s better to use Gongfu Tea style to brew this oolong tea. This is widespread ceremonial method of brewing oolongs in Taiwan and China. This method uses a small brewing vessel, gaiwan or Yixing clay teapot, with more tea than usual for the amount of water used. Multiple short steeps from 20 seconds to 1 minute are performed; the tea is often served in one- or two-ounce tasting cups.
To brew Black Dragon, use 2.25 grams of tea per 170 ml of water, or about two teaspoons of oolong tea per cup.
Oolong teas should be prepared with boiling water and steeped 3–4 minutes. High quality oolong can be brewed several times from the same leaves and, unlike other teas, it improves with rebrewing.
Generally brew the same leaves 5-6 times, the third or fourth steeping usually considered the best.