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Red Honeycomb Tea Set


Red color adorable Porcelain Tea Set with handmade honeycomb consists of Teapot and 2 cups

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Red color adorable Porcelain Tea Set with handmade honeycomb. Porcelain is strong transparent, delicate and beautiful. Modern engraving technology used to make a special exquisite glaze, painted in red and white colors, after high temperature firing. Distinguished tea set suitable both for home and office also can be a perfect gift.

About Porcelain:

Porcelain is a type of material that is made from clay by the process of heating and solidifying. Porcelain originated in China. The earliest known porcelain was created around 700 A.D. and China held a global monopoly on its production for over a thousand years. Over the centuries, porcelain has been used for a variety of products thanks to it strength and beauty, also delighting by its decorative and delicate beauty. Porcelain has a fine and smooth surface, resembling the smoothness of the eggshell. It is transparent but well resisting staining. Modern porcelain pottery features delicate decorations and
elegant appearance making it not only easy to use but also a real art pieces.

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