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Melon Slice Green Tea – Liu An Gua Pian


Green tea made only using the tea leaves and no buds at all. The taste is mellow, sweet and refreshing


Melon Slice Green Tea – excellent premium tea holds rank 7th in “Top 10 Most Famous Chinese Teas”. This tea has lamellar shape and resembles sunflower seeds. The fresh tea leaves used to produce melon slice are different then for other famous teas.
Usually one bud with two or three leaves are plucked, then workers carefully separate full-blown leaves from the tender ones. The next step is cutting out leaf tips and stalks from the full-blown leaves. So every single leaf of melon slice has neither bud nor stalk. Then carefully processed leaves are slowly pan fried at charcoal fire, being turned often, to add a delicate hint of smokiness.
Liu An melon slice is curled at leaf’s edge and rich green in color with white frosty pattern on the surface. The aroma is fresh, high and long lasting. The taste is mellow, sweet and refreshing. This Gua Pian is superb quality. Long and narrow tea leaves of emerald-green color are about 2 centimeter in length. The floral taste and aftertaste of strong cup of Gua Pian brings to mind Tieguanyin tea. The pleasant floral sweetness of this tea pleasantly revealed while drinking. Very refreshing and helps digestion. One of our best teas, recommended.

Brewing method:

Preheat the cup with hot water, Use 2 grams of leaves for 6 oz of water. For better results use water at 158-178F to brew and steep for 2-3 minutes. Liu An Gua Pian tea can be re-infused more than 3 times by gradually increasing steeping time and water temperature.