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Earl Grey Black Tea


Delicious black tea with addition of pure bergamot oil giving it distinguishing taste and flavor


Earl Grey Tea is a tea with distinguishing taste and flavor resulting an addition of oil extracted from the peel of bergamot orange, fragrant citrus fruit. Bergamot is a name of plant which is little acidic orange. The latest research indicates that Bergamot orange is a the result of interbreeding between sweet or pear lemon (Citrus Limetta) and Seville or bitter orange (Citrus Aurantium).
Earl Grey is a tea of premium quality. The best handpicked large leaves of sweet black tea from China with a little of pure bergamot oil added, create the famous Earl Grey unique taste. It is perfect for some honey, sugar, milk in addition to consume together with pastries or biscuits. Being a fermented tea Earl Grey contains organic antioxidant compounds which improve and strengthen immune system, protecting the body also reduce free radical damage, prevent aging and diseases.

Some other health benefits Earl Grey tea proposes are:

  • Weight loss;
  • Strengthen teeth;
  • Anti-Depressant;
  • Antipyretic;
  • Improving oral health / Disinfectant;
  • Relaxing.

Brewing Guide:

Earl Grey requires one teaspoon of leaves per cup and should be brewed 3-5 min. The general rule is: the larger the leaf, the longer the brewing time. Earl Grey tea should always be prepared with water heated to 208F, or just below the boiling point. Traditionally, this tea is served with a slice of lemon, with sugar to taste. This brings out the bright flavor and shows off the warm brown color of the steep. Also it can be used to make iced tea.