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Dragon Well Green Tea – Long Jing


Long Jing is high quality green tea flat-shaped, smooth, having strong fragrance with own unique style.


Ranking the first among the ten famous teas in China, Dragon Well tea is well-known for its green shade, strong fragrance, soft taste and nice form. It is soft but lasting, fragrant but fresh, having its own unique style.
The Dragon Well has 4 distinctive features:

  • flat leaves;
  • jade green color;
  • soft and mellow flavor;
  • sweet and fresh aroma.

The mellow flavor of the Dragon Well prevents it from getting bitter like black tea even if it is over-steeped.
The Chinese believe that Dragon Well tea has cooling effect so it is even more popular during spring and summer seasons. Dragon Well is more full-bodied and complex than most others green teas. However, anyway being a kind of green tea, it’s still mild comparing with black and oolong teas.
The best Dragon Well tea grows on the hills west to the West Lake in Mei Jia Wu Village. The place has everything necessary for growing a high quality tea — fertile soil, moderate climate, plentiful rainfall, mist and clouds covering the hills all the year round.
Extra care while growing and picking also unique traditional hand roast method contribute the superior quality of the tea. Every 500g of special grade Dragon Well tea need about 26,000 pieces of tender shoots handpicked before April 5 which are then carefully roasted by hand for about 10 hours.
The Dragon Well tea is flat-shaped, stiff and smooth. Being brewed with hot water the tea turns into lobes. The bright green color of the tea drink, long-lasting fragrance, refreshing and sweet taste will bring real enjoyment to those who drink it.
Dragon Well, like the other green teas, is producing the way that it contains a lot of antioxidant combinations. Antioxidants are very important for human’s health assisting to fight against some kinds of
cancer, decreasing cholesterol level and blood pressure and generally strengthening immune system. Also high quality green tea keeps enough fluorine compounds to prevent plaque and clean oral bacterias.

How to prepare:

Suitable water temperature to make a tea is about 176F. Recommended time for first infusion — 1 min in the glass pot and 15-20 sec in Gaiwan. This tea can be infused up to 3 times in the glass pot and up to 4 times in Gaiwan, gradually increasing time.