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Huang Shan Mao Feng Green Tea


Appeal by its tender, sweet taste and light apricot flavor with magnolia notes.


Outstanding Mao Feng Green Tea or Fur Peak ranks 4th position in the Top 10 most famous Chinese teas. Growing at an altitude of over then 800 meters, this special harvest Mao Feng is handpicked from wild trees of the Yellow Mountains. The highlands with its unique climatic and natural features create the perfect environment for growing sweet, succulent leaf.
Collected at very young age, only a bud and single unfolding leaf, the leaves are yellowish green, flat and covered with silvery hair. It attracts by its long-lasting floral aroma and refreshing, sweet taste. Tea drinkers notice its light apricot flavor with magnolia notes even though none of them are growing nearby. Maybe the reason is the wild peach trees blossoming all over the hills surrounding Huangshan during the time of harvesting the tea.

How to prepare:

Better to use glass Gaiwan or glass pot to make this tea. Optimal water temperature is 160-175F. Recommended time for first infusion — 2-3 min in the glass pot and 10-20 sec in Gaiwan. This tea can be infused 2-3 times in the glass pot and 7-9 times in Gaiwan, gradually increasing infusion time.