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Cloud Mist Organic Green Tea – Lu Shan Yun Wu


Made from tender shoots has elegant appearance of jade green color and sweet fragrance


Lushan Cloud Mist Tea is a green tea of top-quality grown and produced in Lushan Mountain, Jiangxi Province. The tea was named after the area of its origin. Lushan or Mount Lu is known by for its majesty and beauty. Its highest point is reaching almost 1,500 m above sea level and the clouds cover the mountains for almost 200 days out of the year. High altitude, large seasonal temperature fluctuations, high level of ultraviolet radiation, presence of cloud covering and mist during almost half of year are the key natural characteristics of this region. This environment provides unique beneficial growing conditions for tea plants and facilitates the accumulation of aromatic compounds in them, hereby conducing the top quality of Lushan Cloud-Fog Tea.
Lushan Cloud-Mist Tea is made from tender shoots. The picked shoots must be processed on the same day with multiple working procedures. One kilogram of final product requires over 100,000 tender shoots. This distinguished tea is characterized by elegant and delicate appearance of jade green color and shine. Its fragrance is fresh and sweet and last for a long time. The liquor is rich in tea polyphenol and leaf extract with long-lasting intense fragrance and aftertaste. The content of tea alkaloid and vitamin C is higher than that of common types of tea.