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Jasmine Silver Buds Green Tea – Mo Li Yin Hao


Hand-picked tea from the high-elevation gardens with gentle, floral tones of Jasmine


Jasmine tea is probably the most popular flower-scented tea in the East Asia, enjoyed during the day and as after-meal tea. The elegant and delicious sweet floral fragrance of this tea is created by long and complicated process of natural tea scenting. Tea buds should be harvested in the early spring and keep stored until the late summer when jasmine flowers are in bloom.
Jasmine flowers are picked in the afternoon when they are still fresh and tightly closed. The flowers are kept cool until the night. When evening comes the flowers start to open and the tea is blended with Jasmine flowers and kept overnight. During the night jasmine flowers open, bloom and
transfer their aroma into the tea. It takes over four hours for the tea to absorb this fragrance and flavor. This scenting process can be repeated up to six times. The result is a very smooth, mild, flavorful green tea with a light aroma of Jasmine, refreshing and energizing.
Combining the finest hand-picked teas from the high-elevation gardens with gentle, floral tones of Jasmine, this tea has captured the flavor of the Far East.

Brewing Guide:

For the best results use water that is nearly boiling, at least 80C (176F). Too hot water can cause bitterness. Add roughly 1 tsp. loose tea leaves per teapot (roughly 3 to 5 cups of tea). Steep the tea for 1 to 5 minutes.
The polyphenol content of the tea will grow with increasing of steeping time, but more than 5 minutes can result in bitter tea. Optionally strain the tea, pour into warmed teacups, and sip gently while the tea is still hot.