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Lan Gui Ren — Queen Orchid


Lan Gui Ren — wonderful mix of oolong tea and numerous health benefits


This is invigorating mix of oolong tea and ginseng. Oolong teas are famous for their orchid-like aroma and long-lasting sweet aftertaste. Researches confirm that they are effective in relieving or preventing stomach upset, also may help to lower cholesterol level.
Ginseng has been known as a medicinal herb since ancient times. It’s often used for enhancing physical and mental endurance, strengthening resistance to stress and fatigue, boosting the immune system and
revitalizing cell activity. Also it’s very helpful for preventing heart diseases because of ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol level. Ginseng may also stop the growth of some cancerous tumors.
Lan Gui Ren has rich, crisp taste of oolong with strong, pleasant aftertaste. The flavor is fragrant and the hue is golden-brown. This tea is produced by tightly compressing the tea leaves into the form of tiny tablets. The infusion makes an amber colored beverage with a mesmerizing orchid aroma. There is long lasting combination of sweet/tartness in the aftertaste.

Brewing Guide:

Rinse tea cup and teapot with hot water. Fill the teapot half-full with tea leaves. Steep tea leaves in hot, almost boiling, water at 203°F for 1 minute for the first and second brewing. Gradually increase steeping time for next brewings.