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Blooming Green Tea Set


Flower Tea, beautifully “bloom” in the pot while brewing, with full-bodied flavor and lasting taste.


Chinese Artistic Tea, which is also known as Blooming Tea, Flowering Tea, or Artisan Tea, is made by hands using enough complicated technology. It is a special green tea with unique appearance, magnificent infusion look and lasting flower scent accompanied delicious tea flavor. Beautiful flower blossoms inside the tea ball while tea leaves slowly unfurl creating unique in its beauty composition of wild nature in your cup. The aromas of both flowers and tea leaves are very well preserved so flowers add their crisp, fresh fragrance and lasting taste to this adorably soft and smooth green tea. Such way this exclusive handmade green tea develops unique flavor and creates, at the same time, beautiful “table decoration”. The golden color liquid yields a full-bodied flavor intensified by the large medicinal flower.
This tea, made from the highest grade special green tea of fresh spring crops and natural herbal flowers, provides various health benefits such as prevention of cell aging, skin lightening, improving immunity etc. 100% natural, no additives. We shall pick the most popular types of flowers for you from our Blooming Green Tea selections randomly.

Brewing Guide:

Water temperature should be between 197-212F, or close to the boiling point. It only takes a minute or 2 for a blooming tea to bloom and another 1 minute to fully unfurl. As soon as it reaches full bloom, it is ready to be poured over gently for your first cup of tea. The first steep will have a strong flavor with an intense aroma of the flowers that are used. The longer steeping time will not spoil the tea, on the contrary, the flavor will rather improve. One piece of blooming tea can be used up to 3 times with approximately 5 to 6 dl water each time.