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An Ji Bai Cha Green Tea


Organically certified green tea with sweet fresh grass fragrance and a lively citrus flavor


This unique tea is called An Ji White Tea though it is still considered as a kind of green tea. An Ji Bai Cha grown in ecologically clean area An Ji, also known as “the home of bamboo”. It is an old county with fresh air and crystal clear rivers and has a history of 1,800 years. Anji has the tea plantation of 45,000 hectares, which produces more than 3,300-ton tea annually.
The difference of An Ji white tea from other teas is that spring buds are tender and have white color. They turn to all white in middle April and gradually return to green in May.
An Ji White’s flat and straight leaves produce a lasting fragrance with unique taste and have low level of caffeine content. The tea has complex and intriguing floral aromas. The delicious taste is live and
rich with sweet flavor.
Enjoy the refreshingly sweet and light infusion of An Ji Tea while taking advantage of the many health benefits from all our famous green and white teas.

Brewing guide:

The recommended water temperature is about 60C (140F).
Steep 3 min for the first infusion and 5 min for the second.