History of Tea

History of Tea in Europe

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In the end of 16th century there were the first brief mentions of tea as drink among Europeans. They were mostly from Portuguese who were living in East as traders and missionaries. But although some the people may have brought back samples of tea to their native country.

History of Tea
It was not the Portuguese who were these first to ship back tea as a commercial import. It was done by Dutch, who in last years of 16th century started to intrude on Portuguese trading routes in the East and extended the sphere of trade influence.

In the beginning of 17th century they had founded a trading post on the island of Java, and in 1606 the first cargo of tea was shipped from China to Holland.
History of Tea

Tea soon became a trendy drink among the Dutch, and from expanded other countries of continental western Europe, but because of its high price it still remained a drink the wealthy.
History of Tea

Nowadays tea price dropped significantly making it come-at-able for all people. Also assortment of tea increased and customers are able to choose among many varieties of tea including green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong and many others.

While different kinds of black tea became traditionally favorite drink of Europeans and Americans, and green teas provide such health benefits as reducing risk of cancer, burning fat, anti-aging and disease prevention.
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