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Bird Design Teapot

Well-balanced shape with comfortable handle and lid top makes teapot easy and pleasant to use.

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Well-balanced shape with comfortable handle and lid top makes it easy and pleasant to use this graceful clay teapot. The spout is short with wide opening what is perfect for quick pouring the tea. The Chinese method of tea preparation, called Gong Fu Cha, develops the taste of tea quickly with short brew times so spout opening should be as wide as possible do not constrict the flow of tea poured, what can make the brew times longer.

About Zisha:

The teapot made by Purple Clay (Zisha) has a brilliant breathability and lets easily control the time of brewing tea. After using it during some time, it will be more elegant, charming and keep the aroma of tea. So, it’s better to brew only one type of tea in the teapot. This makes tea steeped in Purple Clay teapot much more rich and deep than steeped any other way. The flavor will have more layers and a more interesting texture and feeling in the mouth.

Purple clay teapots are better to use for brewing Pu-erh teas, Black teas, Oolong teas. To brew Green teas is recommended to use glass, porcelain or glazed teapots.

After buying the new teapot:

  • Boil teapot in a pot of water for five minutes. This will free the pores of any residue from the firing process
  • Infuse a tea in the teapot for 10-15 seconds and pour it into a bowl much bigger than the teapot itself. Repeat this process until the bowl is full
  • Sink the teapot in the bowl of tea for 15-20 minutes
  • Rinse with fresh boiling water and allow to dry totally
  • The new teapot is ready for its first use

The tea will seem lighter the first few times because the pot is still absorbing much of the flavor. After about 3-4 uses, the pot starts to give flavor back to the tea.

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